Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's been a Long Time

From the triumphant world of filmmaking to the dirty and decrepit world of film distribution. No doubt, "mistakes were made" on my part but that does not forgive the ineptitude and borderline criminality that I have come across. Our producer's rep, after, relative to our budget, receiving a hefty down payment proceeded to do, what, I'll never know. They finally "sold" the film to another middle man who would further slice and dice what profit there may be. In other words, the producer's rep didn't sell to a distributor, they sold to a sales agent who would then sell to a distributor.

This sales agent has now gone out of business. I guess. As has their parent company. I guess. I don't know for sure because I never received any correspondence from them and have not been able to reach anyone at either of these companies. In the meantime, I have been contacted by another company that wanted money upfront to "sell" my film and, being considerably more wary this time, questioned and questioned and was unable to find out who had even seen my film or where.

I am embarrassed that I fell for the gambit the first time around but it is a desperate game with a lot of players and very few winners and our producer's rep did seem like our best shot to get our film seen at all. I was wrong. They are still out there so if you're googling Ostrow and Company because your film was just in a festival and you've gotten an enthusiastic email or phone call because you heard from them, I hope your search lands you here. As for Trillian and Media 8, don't worry about them, they've run for the border.

Incidentally, I did try and contact my producer's rep for an update on Trillian et al and never received a response. I have now turned my attention to and hope to have good news soon that Fifth Form will finally be available online.

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